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Tips When Waiting for the Affordable Towing Service That You Booked

Safely Waiting

When you find yourself stranded by the roadside awaiting a tow truck, it might seem like time stands still. The priority, however, should not only be on fixing your vehicle but also on ensuring personal safety during what can be a vulnerable timeframe. This scenario is all too common and taking the right precautions is key to avoiding additional stress or danger. So here’s what you can do when waiting for an affordable towing service:

Visibility is Your Ally

In order to prevent further incidents, making yourself and your vehicle as visible as possible is crucial. Use hazard lights immediately when you realize that you’ll need towing services. If it’s dark or visibility is poor due to weather conditions, consider using flares or reflective triangles if they’re available within your car emergency kit. Placed at a safe distance from the rear of your vehicle, they can alert other drivers of your stationary position alongside the road.

Find a Safe Spot

If it’s safe and possible to do so, try to move your vehicle away from traffic. Pulling onto the shoulder, into a parking lot or side street reduces the risk of collision with moving traffic — though this may not always be an option depending on the mechanical issue at hand. Once parked safely, remain inside your car with the doors locked until towing help arrives. Exiting the vehicle can put you in harm’s way and should only be done if staying inside poses a greater threat.

Stay Prepared and Informed

Gathering essential items from your car before towing professionals arrive can save time and ensure that valuable belongings stay with you. Have your ID, insurance information, medical necessities, and any other personal items readily accessible. Moreover, communicate effectively with your towing service provider: give them precise details about your location and situation for an efficient rescue operation.

At SG Pro Towing & Recovery, we understand how stressful vehicular troubles can be. That’s why our expert team ensures fast response times so that you’re not left stranded for long. The next time that you need a reliable and affordable towing service in Fairburn, GA, know that we’re just a call away at (770) 430-0924!